TradET OÜ offers the following services:
• written translation,
• proofreading,
• editing.

Written translation involves translating, editing, proofreading and a pre-delivery review. During the translation process we make indispensable use of different databases, appropriate reference materials and background documents. If needed, we consult experts in the relevant subject area. In order to ensure terminological consistency, we employ different translation memory software, also known as CAT tools (Trados, WordFast), that enable us to create translation memories and glossaries. It allows us to make sure that terms are used consistently throughout the whole project. In addition, it goes without saying that our clients play an important role in the translation process by providing feedback and giving their approval.

Editing forms an integral part of our work. No text leaves our bureau straight out of the hands of a translator. Once a text has been translated, our revisers check whether the translation corresponds to the source text and correct errors and minor language mistakes. In addition they check the facts and usage of terms. After that, all necessary corrections are talked over with the translators and the text gets its final touch. Last but not least, our technical editors contribute to the final outcome by editing the text before the delivery and making sure that it is correctly formatted.

In the course of proofreading, we check the grammatical correctness and general intelligibility of the text. We also correct typos and spelling mistakes. However, unlike in case of editing, we do not make any changes to the content or style and do not check the correspondence between the translation and the source text. Although proofreading is an important and inevitable part of our translation process, it is possible to have your texts proofread as a separate service for texts that have been written or translated elsewhere.