TradET OÜ has been active in the European translation market already for over nine years. Our main customers are the institutions of the European Union. First and foremost, we are specialized in translating various regulations, contracts, positions, opinions and other texts of the European Union. In addition, we work in close cooperation with several European translation bureaus and provide our clients in both the Estonian public and private sector with expert translations. Our main subject areas include economy, finance, banking, competition, state aid, the budget, telecommunications, maritime and social affairs.

Our goal is with dedication to deliver excellent results and meet the agreed deadlines, thus creating pleasant and long-term relationships with our clients. We are flexible and thorough when it comes to the provision of translation services. The same principle is applied to our relationship with our partners and clients.

Smooth workflow in our company is the result of a joint effort of each and every member of our team – people who have gained experience working for a number of years in different translation bureaus and European Union institutions. They are professionals with vast and practical experience to complement the knowledge acquired at school. Being used to working in stressful situations, our people successfully cope with jobs of a more urgent nature. In addition to our in-house translators and editors, we also cooperate with numerous freelance translators who are either experts holding a BA or MA degree or experienced philologists specialised in a specific subject area. Most language combinations are covered by native speakers, i.e the target language is their mother tongue.

Our company is focused on quality, correctness and positive client relations. We are experienced in translating documents requiring an utmost sense of responsibility. We guarantee quick, yet correct results. Our team is composed of professionals competent at their respective subject areas. We are at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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