The cost of translation is calculated on the basis of the number of characters in the source text, whereas 1 standard translation page equals to 1,500 characters (without spaces). Our minimum unit is 0.5 standard pages and our prices start from EUR 16 per one standard page. There are, however, several factors that may affect the price: the specificity of the text, the format (PDF format, MS PowerPoint), the urgency of the translation (that is, a tight deadline) as well as the source and target language combinations and the function of the text. All prices are subject to VAT.

In general, our daily volume per translator is 5ā€“6 standard pages. For rush jobs, the volume reaches ca 7ā€“10 pages per day, but in exceptional circumstances, we are prepared to manage even bigger volumes. Rush jobs can be up to 50% more expensive than regular jobs. In case of large projects and regular customers, we are able to offer more convenient prices.

Our main target languages include Estonian, Latvian and English but, with the help of our partners, we do our best to offer you translations into other languages as well.

In order to be able to take into consideration your every interest and need and have a fair assessment of our available resources, it is very important for us to see the text before giving a quote. Please be sure to contact us, so that we can make you an individual offer.